About Batemans Bay Accountants - Graeme Garland & Associates

Reliable and accurate accountancy services

Graeme Garland & Associates is a well established firm of certified practicing accountants (CPA). The firm was founded in 1975 , providing reliable, accurate accountancy services and advice to businesses and individuals in Batemans Bay and NSW South Coast since.

We are able to handle every aspect of your accountacy requirements, regardless of the size, type or complexity. No task is too small or large for our capable and well qualified team of accountants.

Batemans Bay Accountants hold all information regarding our clients strictly confidential. The employees of the firm understand the importance of confidentiality and all information about our clients remains within the office.


batemans bay accountant graeme garland

GRAEME GARLAND, principal accountant

Graeme Garland is the principal of Batemans Bay Accountants. He has been practicing as an accountant since 1975. The wealth of knowledge and experience that Graeme has attained over the years is of great value to the clients. He helps clients to improve their knowledge of their situation and educates them to better manage their tax affairs.

The accountants who are employed by our firm are all experienced accountants. Clients have a peace of mind knowing their accountancy work is performed by professional and highly qualified accountants.